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Printing on textile garments

Application of bright logo on textiles is what we can do perfectly. SAAS TEKSTIL has been specializing in this field since 2000 and, thanks to its universal printing technologies, produces many types of textile products for advertising and business. Proven materials make our printing on textiles of high quality and durable. And of course, we use only environmentally safe dyes, which give an excellent color rendition.


The printing is fulfilled due to the following methods:

•  Silk-screen printing – the invention of the silk screen, both as an art and craft, takes place in the era of the Tsin Dynasty in Ancient China, the only manufacturer of high-quality silk at that time. What you need to know about printing technology? In order to print one color, you need to make one stencil or templet on a special frame. If there are 6 colors, then six frames need to be prepared.


•  Thermotransfer is a method of printing through transitory medium. In our case the printing is fulfilled through a special paper or film, very similar to the Oracal film. Firstly, the image is applied on a paper by means of printer or paint, and then it is pressed to the item being decorated by a Heat Press Machine.


•  Screen printing is a well-known and widespread technology. The transfer of an image to a paper medium is not fulfilled by a printer, but by means of paint. This is a very popular type of printing, in which all the paint qualities are preserved, moreover, it is available in a small printing run. Most often, this printing is used on baseball caps and in small printing runs.


We apply the embroidery on products as well and it is carried out with the use of strong threads, the pattern does not deform, does not fade, does not burn out even under conditions of frequent washing.


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