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Textile products

Wholesale knitted garments and goods.

The "SAAS TEKS INVEST" company is a modern manufacturer of a wide range of knitted goods. Besides that, we can offer our customers high-quality polo shirts by wholesale from our own warehouses. From the wide range being offered, you can choose the garments which will ideally fit and enrich both men and women’s wardrobes. Polo shirts offered by wholesale are made of high quality and environmentally friendly fabrics. We use up-to-date gauges and templates; the design and decoration are fulfilled using modern accessories. Each stage of manufacture is under strict control, therefore, with full responsibility, we can guarantee the highest quality for each of our products.


Our company works directly with customers without agents or intermediaries, which has obvious advantages as followings:


— You can order polo shirts according to your individual design in a large and small bulk. We also have a rich assortment of ready-made garments, with a modern and popular design;


— Each client is served by a personal manager, who can answer all your questions quickly and in detailed form. Our specialist will advise and guide you through the assortment. He will give you brief information about the fabrics and technologies which are used in our production, as well as the other nuances up to possible delivery options;


— We regard the time of our customers, and that is why we deliver polo shirts and other products ordered in bulk as quickly as possible. The shipment within Moscow is carried out by our own logistic service directly from our warehouse after confirmation of the order. Within the other regions of Russia, the goods are delivered in cooperation with our partners who kindly agree to present their transportation for for this purpose;


— Avoiding long chains of agents and intermediaries, we provide products of guaranteed high quality and at the best prices. We do not need to overstate the cost of our products, because it is profitable for us to work with large and small customers on an ongoing basis. For this reason, we are ready to provide special conditions, discounts and various bonuses for all our customers.


Поздравляем мусульман, С праздником Курбан Байрам, И желаем, чтобы Аллах, Мир хранил во всех сердцах!


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A well-known uzbek textile enterprise with a wide range of high-quality products

+99871 248-48-95