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Business partners

Together we can do what others cannot.
Together we find all solutions do our work even better!

We are proud of our partners and it is honor for us to introduce them and write about our mutual projects on this site.

And here are our partners - Trading Houses:


"Aksar Group Textile" – is on the market for more than 6 years. It is completely shares our visions and missions. Located in Moscow.

"Samal Trade and Promotion" – is successfully developing within the country's market, selling fabrics and finished products. Located in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

In each single project, together with our partners, we help our customers to promote and make their business more successful and more visible, creating comfortable atmosphere for achieving a common result.

The company SAAS TEKS INVEST would like to express its gratefulness to the respected companies of Uzbekistan and Russia, known throughout the CIS countries, such as: ZENON (Russia), Fratelli Casa (Uzbekistan), BOFANDA (Uzbekistan), IDEAL (Uzbekistan), ORANGE TEXTILE (Uzbekistan), SAFF (Uzbekistan), DAEWOO TEXTILE (Uzbekistan), JIZZAX PLASTEKS (Uzbekistan) for a long-term cooperation and trust.

Those are not included in the above-mentioned list, we undoubtedly love and appreciate too.

We would like you success in your business! 


Поздравляем мусульман, С праздником Курбан Байрам, И желаем, чтобы Аллах, Мир хранил во всех сердцах!


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Our products

Textile fabrics

A well-known uzbek textile enterprise with a wide range of high-quality products

+99871 248-48-95