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About company


OOO "SAAS TEKS INVEST" is a textile company founded in 2007 in the city of Tashkent. This is a well-known Uzbek textile enterprise with a wide range of high-quality products. Today it is one of the leading enterprises in the production of knitted fabrics and finished textile products.


OOO "SAAS TEKS INVEST" is a dynamically developing enterprise using the latest technologies of production of textile fabrics.


Areas of activity of our company: production and sale of knitted fabrics of all kinds, as well as ready-made garments.


Only highly qualified specialists work in the company. Due to their professional skills and individual


approach to each customer’s order, it is possible to satisfy the most demanding requests. We strive to establish strong business relations with customers, constantly maintaining the quality of the products at the highest level an applying a flexible pricing policy.


During our work we managed to accumulate valuable experience in the field of textile production and are now ready to offer our customers high quality products, prompt placement and production of orders, the most complete information regarding the technologies used for production. While fulfilling your order, we will timely inform you about the readiness of the goods for shipment, about the receipt of funds to the bank account, as soon as possible we will issue the documents and deliver the goods to the specified address.


We improve and increase the quality constantly!



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Textile fabrics

A well-known uzbek textile enterprise with a wide range of high-quality products

+99899 819-20-75