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Knitted fabrics

Knitted fabric is produced from one or many threads on a knitting machine by the formation of loops and by their mutual interweaving.


Distinctive features of knitted fabric from other textile fabrics:

Extensibility and stretchability in all directions

The ability of the material to change the shape and dimensions

Loose loopy structure (gives the knitted fabric softness and wrinkle resistance)


The main types of knitted fabrics offered by our company:

Stockinette structure (Suprema) - thin smooth knitted fabric, the front side of which has flat vertical "pigtails", and the back side compact "brick laying" structure. The material stretches in width, almost does not extend in length and almost does not crumple. Stockinette is considered to be the thinnest cotton knitted fabric, which make the clothes light and airy. It is breathable, which creates the effect of an air conditioner and is ideal for hot and parching summer days. Despite its sheerness, it has sufficient strength, which is very ideal for childrens’ outdoor activities. Generally, it is used for manufacturing of undergarment, summer dresses, T-shirts, children's clothes, etc. 100% cotton or with the addition of lycra (stocking stitch).


Ribbing (rib knit fabric; or elastic fabric) - Elastic knit fabric made of cotton with the addition of lycra, forming fine and close-meshed elastic. It is used for sewing summer clothes, jumpers and is used as additional details like cuffs, collars, etc.


Interlock is a napless, double-sided knit fabric which has a special elastic structure and smooth on both sides. It is notable for its softness and particular comfort to the body. Being resistant against extension, it obtains its former shape and appearance after each stretching. It does not loosen or unknit. It has good thermal insulation properties and allows the skin to breathe. The garments made from this fabric are equally well suited for both wearing outside and at home. 100% cotton.


Mollettone (two-threaded and three-threaded) - It has napped back and is notable for medium and high thread counts (medium and high density), excellent thermal properties. Mollettone is a natural and breathable fabric, which is quite important. Being resistant against crimples and physical impacts, it does not wrinkle easily and therefore does not require frequent ironing. Pilling resistance as well. It holds its shape and will serve you for a long time. It can shrink after washing, that is why it is recommended to wash it at a temperature of 30⁰C. 100% cotton.


Velor is fabric with with a low, very thick and soft pile. At the same time, it is firm and resistant against fiction and other mechanical influences. It does not stretch or expand, and even within several years can keep its original and former appearance. Velor is mainly warm fabric rather than cold, so clothes made from this fabric are ideal for wearing in autumn and winter. The products manufactured from this fabric do not demand special care or handling. Wash at 30 degrees. Since the clothes from the velor does not crumple or crease, then there No ironing. It is ideal for tailoring the clothes for spring and autumn seasons. 80% cotton and 20% polyester.


The fabrics can be different due to their types and compositions. They can be knitted from 100% cotton, as well as the other synthetic fibers with the addition of elastane (Lycra).


What items are made of knitted fabric?

1.   Underwear:

• Underpants

• T-shirts

• Vests

• Pajamas

• Shirts

2. knitted outwear:

• Hoodies

• Turtlenecks

• Pants

• Sweaters

• Pullovers

• Jerseys


Our company offers knitted fabrics from 100% cotton and with the addition of lycra.


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